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Improvements in fuel cell designImprovements in fuel cell design

Rediscovering Venus to find faraway earths

Archaeologists discover bronze remains of Iron Age chariot

Researchers resolve the Karakoram glacier anomaly, a cold case of climate science

Fish tale: New study evaluates antibiotic content in farm-raised fishFish tale: New study evaluates antibiotic content in farm-raised fish

New 3-D display technology promises greater energy efficiencyNew 3-D display technology promises greater energy efficiency

Researchers break nano barrier to engineer the first protein microfiberResearchers break nano barrier to engineer the first protein microfiber

Magnetic mirrors enable new technologies by reflecting light in uncanny ways

Structure of an iron-transport protein revealedStructure of an iron-transport protein revealed

First step: From human cells to tissue-engineered esophagusFirst step: From human cells to tissue-engineered esophagus

Lift weights, improve your memory

Spiders: Survival of the fittest group

Autophagy helps fast track stem cell activationAutophagy helps fast track stem cell activation

Myelin vital for learning new practical skillsMyelin vital for learning new practical skills

More physical activity improved school performanceMore physical activity improved school performance

Around the world in 400,000 years: The journey of the red foxAround the world in 400,000 years: The journey of the red fox

Engineering new vehicle powertrainsEngineering new vehicle powertrains

Active aging is much more than exerciseActive aging is much more than exercise

Study: New device can slow, reverse heart failureStudy: New device can slow, reverse heart failure

Are the world's religions ready for ET?Are the world's religions ready for ET?

Gut bacteria, artificial sweeteners and glucose intoleranceGut bacteria, artificial sweeteners and glucose intolerance

Recreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networksRecreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networks

Laying the groundwork for data-driven scienceLaying the groundwork for data-driven science

Nature's designs inspire research into new light-based technologiesNature's designs inspire research into new light-based technologies

Missing piece found to help solve concussion puzzleMissing piece found to help solve concussion puzzle

Biologists delay the aging process by 'remote control'Biologists delay the aging process by 'remote control'

Geography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economyGeography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economy

Identified for the first time what kind of explosive has been used after the detonationIdentified for the first time what kind of explosive has been used after the detonation

Copied from nature: Detecting software errors via genetic algorithmsCopied from nature: Detecting software errors via genetic algorithms

Parenting Bulletin - August 2013 Archives

Preterm babies at risk for later cognitive difficulties (8/31/2013)

Preterm babies at risk for later cognitive difficultiesResearchers at the University of California, San Diego have received a five-year, $3 million grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Institute of Child Health and Human Development, part of the National Institutes of Health. The grant will fund a longitudinal study designed to track the developmental trajectory in cognitive, academic and brain measures as very preterm children transition from preschool to grade school. Results will provide the foundation for designing appropriate learning interventions. ...> Full Article

Will to win forms at 4 years old (8/31/2013)

New research suggests children don't understand competitive behavior until around the age of four. ...> Full Article

Soft drink consumption linked to behavioral problems in young children (8/30/2013)

Americans buy more soft drinks per capita than people in any other country. These drinks are consumed by individuals of all ages, including very young children. Although soft drink consumption is associated with aggression, depression, and suicidal thoughts in adolescents, the relationship had not been evaluated in younger children. A new study finds that aggression, attention problems, and withdrawal behavior are all associated with soft drink consumption in young children. ...> Full Article

New study shows vitamin D-related 'molecular switches' predict childhood bone mass (8/30/2013)

Researchers at the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton, have demonstrated that the degree to which a gene related to vitamin D action is switched on or off, when measured at birth, predicts bone density of the child at four years of age. ...> Full Article

Breastfeeding associated with decreased risk of overweight among children in Japan (8/29/2013)

Breastfeeding appears to be associated with decreased risk of overweight and obesity among school children in Japan, according to a study by Michiyo Yamakawa, M.H.Sc., of the Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama City, Japan, and colleagues. ...> Full Article

Research explores the 'cultural mythologies' of pregnancy (8/29/2013)

New research reinforces how media and culture contribute to people's understandings of health, illness and medicine. ...> Full Article

Research examines how books can have a positive impact on a child's social struggles (8/28/2013)

New research explores the positive effects of reading as part of a parental intervention strategy for children struggling with social issues. ...> Full Article

ADHD and texting found to significantly impair teenage driving (8/28/2013)

ADHD and texting both significantly impair driving performance among teenagers, according to a study published online today in JAMA Pediatrics. Researchers from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center used a driving simulator to test the driving performance of 16- and 17-year-old drivers; approximately half of the study's 61 participants had been diagnosed with ADHD, the other half had not. ...> Full Article

More siblings means less chance of divorce as adult (8/27/2013)

Growing up with siblings may provide some protection against divorce as an adult, a new nationwide study reveals. ...> Full Article

DHA-enriched formula in infancy linked to positive cognitive outcomes in childhood (8/27/2013)

While the effect of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in infant formula on children's cognitive development may not always be evident on standardized developmental tasks at 18 months, significant effects may emerge later on more specific or fine-grained tasks. ...> Full Article

Strong grandparent-adult grandchild relationships reduce depression for both (8/26/2013)

A new study shows that grandparents and grandchildren have real, measurable effects on each other's psychological well-being long into grandchildren's adulthood. ...> Full Article

Study finds better-performing elementary students receive disproportionate attention from parents (8/26/2013)

Study finds better-performing elementary students receive disproportionate attention from parentsAn Indiana University study found that higher-performing elementary school students received a disproportionate number of resources from their parents, compared to their lower-performing peers. Lower-performing students received resources geared toward improving their academic performance. Higher-performing students received greater and more diverse resources, such as shared meals or enrollment in extracurricular activities. Parents of higher performers were also more likely to be involved in school activities and networking opportunities that could improve their child's social standing. ...> Full Article

Study shows elementary and middle schools can get students moving, not just thinking (8/25/2013)

Study shows elementary and middle schools can get students moving, not just thinkingDespite widespread cuts to physical education classes and recess, an Indiana University study has shown that schools can play an important role in helping their students live healthier lives. Schools that implemented coordinated school health programs saw increases in students' physical activity. ...> Full Article

Research shows negative effects of half-siblings (8/24/2013)

Adolescents who have half-siblings with a different father are more likely to have used drugs and had sex by age 15 than those who have only full siblings. ...> Full Article

Low childhood conscientiousness predicts adult obesity (8/24/2013)

Results from a longitudinal study show that children who exhibit lower conscientiousness (e.g., irresponsible, careless, not persevering) could experience worse overall health, including greater obesity, as adults. The Oregon Research Institute study examines the relationship between childhood personality and adult health and shows a strong association between childhood conscientiousness (organized, dependable, self-disciplined) and health status in adulthood. ...> Full Article

Thinking about family matters linked to stress for working moms, not dads (8/23/2013)

Although working mothers and fathers are almost as likely to think about family matters throughout the day, only for mothers is this type of mental labor associated with increased stress and negative emotions, according to new research to be presented at the 108th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association. ...> Full Article

Study: Loan debt can shape students' college years, experiences (8/23/2013)

An Indiana University study found that college students' experiences are largely shaped by the debt they accrue, with debt-free students more likely to live the "play hard" lifestyle often associated with the college years, where social lives can trump academics. "These patterns could affect the social connections and networking students develop in college, where these relationships can lead to friendships, employment, marriage partners and other benefits." ...> Full Article

Kids born small should get moving (8/22/2013)

Female mice who were growth restricted in the womb were born at a lower birth weight, but were less active and prone to obesity as adults, said researchers from Baylor College of Medicine and the USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center at BCM and Texas Children's Hospital in a report that appears online in the International Journal of Obesity. ...> Full Article

Tackling disruptive behavior in early childhood 'could prevent substance use in adolescence' (8/22/2013)

Delivering a two-year intervention program to disruptive kindergarten children could help prevent substance use in adolescence, according to a new study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. ...> Full Article

How parents see themselves may affect their child's brain and stress level (8/22/2013)

A mother's perceived social status predicts her child's brain development and stress indicators, finds a new Boston Children's study -- the first to link brain function to maternal self-perception. Children in the study, whose mothers saw themselves as having a low social status were more likely to have increased cortisol levels, (stress indicator), and less activation of their hippocampus, (structure in the brain responsible for long-term memory formation, required for learning) and reducing stress responses. ...> Full Article

Diets of pregnant women contain harmful, hidden toxins (8/21/2013)

Pregnant women regularly consume food and beverages containing toxins believed to pose potential risks to developing fetuses, according to researchers at the University of California in Riverside and San Diego, suggesting that health care providers must do more to counsel their patients about the dangers of hidden toxins in the food supply. ...> Full Article

5-year olds choose to 'play nice' based on other kids' reputations (8/20/2013)

Five-to-six-year olds are more likely to be kind to peers after observing them interacting with other children in positive ways, suggesting that children establish a sense of their peers' "reputation" early in life. The results are published Aug. 7 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Kenji Onishi and colleagues from Osaka University, Japan. ...> Full Article

Children and magnets have a dangerous attraction, end up in the ER (8/19/2013)

Cases involving children ingesting magnets quintupled between 2002 and 2011, with ingestion of multiple magnets generally resulting in more serious outcomes, including emergency surgery. The results of a study documenting a rapid rise in pediatric injuries was published online yesterday in Annals of Emergency Medicine. ...> Full Article

An extra hour of TV beyond recommendations diminishes toddlers' kindergarten chances (8/19/2013)

Every hourly increase in daily television watching at 29 months of age is associated with diminished vocabulary and math skills, classroom engagement (which is largely determined by attention skills), victimization by classmates, and physical prowess at kindergarten. ...> Full Article

Breastfeeding may protect against persistent stuttering (8/18/2013)

Breastfeeding may protect against persistent stutteringA study of 47 children who began stuttering at an early age found that those who were breastfed in infancy were more likely to recover from stuttering and return to fluent speech. ...> Full Article

Personality may affect a new mother's decision to breastfeed (8/18/2013)

A new analysis has found that mothers who are more extroverted and less anxious are more likely to breastfeed and to continue to breastfeed than mothers who are introverted or anxious. Published early online in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, the study indicates that new mothers with certain personalities may need additional support and education to help them feel confident, self assured, and knowledgeable about breastfeeding. ...> Full Article

Being bullied throughout childhood and teens may lead to more arrests, convictions, prison time (8/17/2013)

People who were repeatedly bullied throughout childhood and adolescence were significantly more likely to go to prison than individuals who did not suffer repeated bullying, according to a new analysis presented at the American Psychological Association's 121st Annual Convention. ...> Full Article

Study finds physicians need to better recognize use of herbal supplements while breastfeeding (8/17/2013)

In an article published in this month's issue of Pediatrics In Review, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine stress the importance of physicians recognizing that many mothers use herbal supplements while breastfeeding in order to make accurate health assessments for both mother and child. ...> Full Article

Injuries from teen fighting deal a blow to IQ (8/16/2013)

A new Florida State University study has found that adolescent boys who are hurt in just two physical fights suffer a loss in IQ that is roughly equivalent to missing an entire year of school. Girls experience a similar loss of IQ after only a single fighting-related injury. ...> Full Article

Both parents experience highs and lows in sexuality after childbirth (8/15/2013)

Partners of new mothers often experience shifts in sexuality, and these shifts are often unrelated to biological or medical factors pertaining to childbirth. The findings, which are published in a recent issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, expand current understanding of postpartum sexuality, and may help health professionals as they counsel new parents. ...> Full Article

Sensitive parenting can boost premature children's school performance (8/14/2013)

Sensitive parenting helps protect against the negative effects of being born prematurely on children's school success, a new study has found. ...> Full Article

1 size doesn't fit all (8/13/2013)

One size chart doesn't fit all when it comes to evaluating birth weight and health outcomes of newborns. ...> Full Article

Head hits can be reduced in youth football (8/12/2013)

Less contact during practice could mean a lot less exposure to head injuries for young football players, according to researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Virginia Tech. ...> Full Article

Parents don't fully understand biobank research, study finds (8/11/2013)

Researchers who collect genetic samples from children for medical research need to explain the process more clearly to parents, according to a new study that suggests many parents don't fully understand the finer details about how these samples will be used and stored. The study was published in June in Genetics in Medicine. ...> Full Article

New study finds increase in nonfatal food-related choking among children in the US (8/11/2013)

Choking is a leading cause of injury among children, especially for children 4 years of age and younger. A new study by researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital and colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examined nonfatal food-related choking among children 14 years of age or younger from 2001through 2009. ...> Full Article

Breastfeeding duration appears associated with intelligence later in life (8/10/2013)

Breastfeeding longer is associated with better receptive language at 3 years of age and verbal and nonverbal intelligence at age 7 years, according to a study published by JAMA Pediatrics, a JAMA Network publication. ...> Full Article

Great Recession onset spurs harsh parenting, researchers find (8/10/2013)

The onset of the Great Recession and, more generally, deteriorating economic conditions lead mothers to engage in harsh parenting, such as hitting or shouting at children, a team of researchers has found. But the effect is only found in mothers who carry a gene variation that makes them more likely to react to their environment. ...> Full Article

A maternal junk food diet alters development of opioid pathway in the offspring (8/9/2013)

New animal research suggests that maternal diet during pregnancy can alter the development of a signalling pathway associated with reward processing in the offspring. ...> Full Article

Fetal 'programming' of sweet taste's elicited pleasure (8/8/2013)

New research finds that adversities during gestation may influence the newborn's pleasure in response to sweet. ...> Full Article

Stress early in life leads to adulthood anxiety and preference for 'comfort foods' (8/7/2013)

New research finds that adult rats reared in a stressful neonatal environment demonstrate more anxiety and stress, and they prefer to eat more foods rich in fat and sugar. ...> Full Article

Offspring of mothers stressed during pregnancy with a passive stress coping style more prone to obesity (8/6/2013)

New animal research suggests greater risk for obesity and associated Type 2 diabetes in individuals that respond to stress in a passive manner and were born to mothers that were stressed during their pregnancy. ...> Full Article

Adolescents are what they don't eat, too (8/6/2013)

Adolescents are what they don't eat, tooDiets lacking omega-3 fatty acids -- found in foods like wild fish, eggs, and grass-fed livestock -- can have worsened effects over consecutive generations, especially affecting teens, according to a University of Pittsburgh study. ...> Full Article

Give them a hand: Gesturing children perform well on cognitive tasks (8/5/2013)

Young children who use gestures outperform their peers in problem-solving tasks, says a study due to be published in the Aug., 2013 issue of Developmental Psychology. Children aged between two and five were asked to sort cards printed with colored shapes first by color, then by shape. Making this switch can be tricky but the study found that kids who gesture are more likely to make the mental switch and group the shapes accurately. ...> Full Article

Flow restrictors may reduce young children's accidental ingestion of liquid medications (8/4/2013)

Over 500,000 calls are made to poison control centers each year after accidental ingestion of medications by young children, and the number of emergency department visits for unsupervised medication ingestions is rising. In a new study scheduled for publication in The Journal of Pediatrics, researchers studied whether adding flow restrictors to bottles can limit the amount of liquid medication a child could access even if child-resistant caps are missing or improperly closed. ...> Full Article

Cognitive performance is better in girls whose walk to school lasts more than 15 minutes (8/4/2013)

The authors of this study analyzed a sample of 1700 boys and girls aged between 13 and 18 years (808 boys and 892 girls) in five Spanish cities (Granada, Madrid, Murcia, Santander and Zaragoza). ...> Full Article

How do babies learn to be wary of heights? (8/3/2013)

How do babies learn to be wary of heights?Infants develop a fear of heights as a result of their experiences moving around their environments, according to new research published in Psychological Science. ...> Full Article

Study: No link between mercury exposure and autism-like behaviors (8/3/2013)

The potential impact of exposure to low levels of mercury on the developing brain -- specifically by women consuming fish during pregnancy -- has long been the source of concern and some have argued that the chemical may be responsible for behavioral disorders such as autism. However, a new study that draws upon more than 30 years of research in the Republic of Seychelles reports that there is no association between pre-natal mercury exposure and autism-like behaviors. ...> Full Article

Improving medicine acceptance in kids: A matter of taste (8/2/2013)

Many children reject medicines due to an aversion to bitter taste. As such, bitterness presents a key obstacle to the acceptance and effectiveness of beneficial drugs by children worldwide. A new review addresses this critical problem by highlighting recent advances in the scientific understanding of bitter taste, with special attention to the sensory world of children. ...> Full Article

Despite health benefits, most children and adults have a 'nutrition gap' in omega-3 fatty acids (8/2/2013)

Because of a diet low in fish and seafood, children and adults in North America and other parts of the world, have a "nutrition gap" of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid,according to a presentation at the 2013 Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Expo in Chicago. ...> Full Article

Social parenting: Teens feel closer to parents when they connect online (8/1/2013)

Social parenting: Teens feel closer to parents when they connect onlineTeenagers who are connected to their parents on social media feel closer to their parents in real life. And the more they interacted on social platforms, the stronger the family connection. ...> Full Article

Raising adopted children, how parents cooperate matters more than gay or straight (8/1/2013)

Raising adopted children, how parents cooperate matters more than gay or straight"It appears that while children are not affected by how parents divide childcare tasks, it definitely does matter how harmonious the parents' relationships are with each other," Farr says. She and Patterson also observed differences in division of labor in lesbian and gay couples compared to heterosexual parents. ...> Full Article

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