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Improvements in fuel cell designImprovements in fuel cell design

Rediscovering Venus to find faraway earths

Archaeologists discover bronze remains of Iron Age chariot

Researchers resolve the Karakoram glacier anomaly, a cold case of climate science

Fish tale: New study evaluates antibiotic content in farm-raised fishFish tale: New study evaluates antibiotic content in farm-raised fish

New 3-D display technology promises greater energy efficiencyNew 3-D display technology promises greater energy efficiency

Researchers break nano barrier to engineer the first protein microfiberResearchers break nano barrier to engineer the first protein microfiber

Magnetic mirrors enable new technologies by reflecting light in uncanny ways

Structure of an iron-transport protein revealedStructure of an iron-transport protein revealed

First step: From human cells to tissue-engineered esophagusFirst step: From human cells to tissue-engineered esophagus

Lift weights, improve your memory

Spiders: Survival of the fittest group

Autophagy helps fast track stem cell activationAutophagy helps fast track stem cell activation

Myelin vital for learning new practical skillsMyelin vital for learning new practical skills

More physical activity improved school performanceMore physical activity improved school performance

Around the world in 400,000 years: The journey of the red foxAround the world in 400,000 years: The journey of the red fox

Engineering new vehicle powertrainsEngineering new vehicle powertrains

Active aging is much more than exerciseActive aging is much more than exercise

Study: New device can slow, reverse heart failureStudy: New device can slow, reverse heart failure

Are the world's religions ready for ET?Are the world's religions ready for ET?

Gut bacteria, artificial sweeteners and glucose intoleranceGut bacteria, artificial sweeteners and glucose intolerance

Recreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networksRecreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networks

Laying the groundwork for data-driven scienceLaying the groundwork for data-driven science

Nature's designs inspire research into new light-based technologiesNature's designs inspire research into new light-based technologies

Missing piece found to help solve concussion puzzleMissing piece found to help solve concussion puzzle

Biologists delay the aging process by 'remote control'Biologists delay the aging process by 'remote control'

Geography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economyGeography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economy

Identified for the first time what kind of explosive has been used after the detonationIdentified for the first time what kind of explosive has been used after the detonation

Copied from nature: Detecting software errors via genetic algorithmsCopied from nature: Detecting software errors via genetic algorithms

Parenting Bulletin - April 2011 Archives

How children learn to say 'no' (4/30/2011)

How children learn to say 'no'Their numbers are rising, but their age is dropping: children and young adults who drink so much that they have to go to the hospital. Binge-drinking is sadly fashionable amongst the under 20-year-olds. But how can adolescents be effectively protected from alcohol and substance abuse? ...> Full Article

Research on adolescents' television diet (4/29/2011)

It is not that adolescent students should stop using the television or Internet, but that they should learn how to use them. This is one of the premises of the UNESCO Cathedra in Communication and Educational Values, based at the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of the Basque Country. A premise that responds to the results arising from the research since the Cathedra began in December 2009. ...> Full Article

For family violence among adolescents, mattering matters (4/28/2011)

Teens and adolescents who believe that they matter to their family -- that is, they feel the make a difference in the family's daily doings -- are significantly less likely to threaten or engage in family violence, according to a new study by Brown sociologist Gregory Elliott. The findings are published in the Journal of Family Issues. ...> Full Article

Does video game violence harm teens? New study weighs the evidence (4/27/2011)

How much scientific evidence is there for and against the assertion that exposure to video game violence can harm teens? Three researchers have developed a novel method to consider that question: they analyzed the research output of experts who filed a brief in a US Supreme Court case involving violent video games and teens. ...> Full Article

Warning to breastfeeding mothers (4/27/2011)

While breastfeeding babies has numerous health advantages to both mother and child, mothers who breastfeed may find that other people look down on them and do not want to work with them. A recent study released by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (published by SAGE) found that mothers who breastfeed are viewed as less competent than other women. ...> Full Article

Parents' 'um's' and 'uh's' help toddlers learn new words, cognitive scientists find (4/26/2011)

Parents' 'um's' and 'uh's' help toddlers learn new words, cognitive scientists findA team of cognitive scientists has good news for parents who are worried that they are setting a bad example for their children when they say "um" and "uh." A study conducted at the University of Rochester's Baby Lab shows that toddlers actually use their parents' stumbles and hesitations (technically referred to as disfluencies) to help them learn language more efficiently. ...> Full Article

Maternal stress during pregnancy may affect child's obesity (4/25/2011)

Research conducted at the University of Minnesota and Georgetown University suggests that a mother's nutritional or psychological stress during pregnancy and lactation may create a signature on her child's genes that put the child at increased risk for obesity later in life, especially if the child is female. ...> Full Article

Cookies or careers? (4/24/2011)

New research analyzing boy scout and girl scout manuals finds that -- despite positive aspects -- scouts are being fed stereotypical ideas about femininity and masculinity. ...> Full Article

Physically active moms-to-be give babies a head start on heart health (4/23/2011)

For those pregnant women out there who might not be feeling all that motivated, or anything but energized, new research to be presented this weekend could tip the scales: It turns out that exercising during pregnancy might be the earliest intervention strategy available to you for improving your child's heart health after birth. ...> Full Article

Researchers pioneer needle-free test for premature babies (4/22/2011)

Scientists at Queen's University Belfast have pioneered a new needle-free test to take the sting out of medicine testing in premature babies. The research will not only lead to greater accuracy in prescribing, but will also significantly reduce the trauma of such tests for newborn infants and their families. ...> Full Article

New data shows half of all children with autism wander and bolt from safe places (4/22/2011)

The Interactive Autism Network, the nation's largest online autism research project, reveals the preliminary results of the first major survey on wandering and elopement among individuals with autism spectrum disorders, and announces the launch of a new research survey on the association between pregnancy factors and autism. The wandering and elopement survey found that approximately half of parents of children with autism report that their child elopes, with the behavior peaking at age four. ...> Full Article

Human Factors-Ergonomics research leads to improved bunk bed safety standards (4/21/2011)

Ryan was just four years old when he went to sleep on his bunk bed one night and never woke up. His mother found him strangled to death the next morning with his neck caught between the vertical post of his side ladder and mattress. ...> Full Article

Adult-sized ATVs are not safe for kids; statistics startling (4/21/2011)

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) were introduced in this country in the 1970s. Currently, there are approximately 9.5 million ATVs in use and more than 150,000 reported ATV-related injuries in this country annually. ...> Full Article

Underage binge drinking can create lasting brain changes (4/20/2011)

New research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that binge-drinking teens risk lasting brain changes that could affect their lives as adults. ...> Full Article

Teenagers who feel like they don't fit in less likely to attend college, sociologist finds (4/20/2011)

High school students who feel they do not fit in are less likely to attend college -- particularly girls who are gay or obese -- according to new research from The University of Texas at Austin. ...> Full Article

Babies born earlier in areas near busy road junctions (4/19/2011)

A study of 970 women and their babies in South-east Queensland Australia found that living near a large number of road junctions increased the risk of pre-term birth. ...> Full Article

Clumsy kids who don't 'grow out of it' (4/18/2011)

Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) lack refined motor skills and are reluctant to take part in group activities. Dr. Orit Bart of Tel Aviv University has developed a new test to assess how kids with DCD socialize and may lead to new treatments for the disorder. ...> Full Article

Potato consumption in children's meals leads to higher overall diet quality (4/17/2011)

New research demonstrates that consumption of white potatoes (non-fried) by children does not displace other vegetables from children's meals. In fact, meals that contain white potatoes contain more servings of other vegetables, and are significantly higher in potassium, fiber and vitamin C. ...> Full Article

Here's looking at you! (4/16/2011)

Learning how babies communicate can teach us a lot about the development of human social interactions. Psychologist Daniel Messinger, from the University of Miami, studies infants' interactions and has found that babies are not simply living in the moment. Instead, infants seem to have particular interests that create historical footprints reflected in the infants' visual engagement over time. The findings were published today, in a study titled, "Are You Interested, Baby? Young Infants Exhibit Stable Patterns of Attention during Interaction" in the journal Infancy. ...> Full Article

Teens who choose music over books are more likely to be depressed (4/15/2011)

Adolescents who spend more time listening to music are far more likely to have major depressive disorder, while young people who spend more time reading books are far less likely to have such a diagnosis, according to a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study published in the April edition of the journal Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. ...> Full Article

Prenatal exposure to certain pollutants linked to behavioral problems in young children (4/15/2011)

Mothers' exposure during pregnancy to pollutants created by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and other organic material may lead to behavioral problems in their children, according to a new study. Researchers found that within a sample of 215 children monitored from birth, those children with high levels of a pollution exposure marker in their cord blood had more symptoms of attention problems and anxiety/depression at ages 5 and 7 than did children with lower exposure. ...> Full Article

Mum's the word when it comes to children's happiness (4/14/2011)

Young people's satisfaction with their family situation is clearly related to the quality of relationships with parents and especially their mother's happiness. The research findings come from the first findings from Understanding Society, the world's largest household panel study managed by the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex. ...> Full Article

Internet program reduces infant and toddler sleep problems, helps moms sleep better too (4/13/2011)

A study in the April 1 issue of the journal SLEEP demonstrates that an Internet-based intervention was effective at reducing infant and toddler sleep disturbances, as well as providing positive, indirect benefits for maternal sleep, mood and confidence. The study suggests that the Internet can give parents widespread access to individualized, behaviorally based advice for sleep problems in young children. ...> Full Article

Seeing and experiencing violence makes aggression 'normal' for children (4/12/2011)

The more children are exposed to violence, the more they think it's normal, according to a study in the current Social Psychological and Personality Science (published by SAGE). Unfortunately, the more they think violence is normal, the more likely they are to engage in aggression against others. ...> Full Article

Stepchildren relate to stepparents based on perceived benefits, researchers find (4/11/2011)

Stepchildren relate to stepparents based on perceived benefits, researchers findUniversity of Missouri family relationship experts identified factors that are related to positive and negative stepchild-stepparent relationships. In the study, they found that stepchildren build positive or negative relationships based on their evaluations, or judgments, of stepparents' behaviors toward them and their family. Children also are affected by the opinions and actions of their biological parents and other family members as they develop relationships with stepparents. ...> Full Article

Why do children with autism wander and bolt from safe places? (4/10/2011)

Today, the Interactive Autism Network, with support from leading autism advocacy groups, launches the first major survey to study the experience of wandering and elopement, or escaping, among individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The tendency of individuals with ASD to wander or "bolt" puts them at risk of trauma, injury or even death, yet information on this critical safety issue is lacking. ...> Full Article

1 in 3 women suffer post-sex blues (4/9/2011)

Post-sex blues is not a sexual behavior commonly discussed, but a Queensland University of Technology study of more than 200 young women has found one in three (32.9 percent) had experienced the phenomenon at some point. ...> Full Article

Educational development stunted by teenage fatherhood (4/8/2011)

A new study from Economic Inquiry examines the negative educational and economic outcomes of teenage fatherhood. ...> Full Article

Misreading faces tied to child social anxiety (4/7/2011)

Children suffering from extreme social anxiety are trapped in a nightmare of misinterpreted facial expressions: They confuse angry faces with sad ones, a new Emory University study shows. "If you misread facial expressions, you're in social trouble, no matter what other social skills you have," says Emory psychologist Steve Nowicki. "It can make life very difficult, because other people's faces are like a prism through which we look at the world." ...> Full Article

Brain research reveals possible causes of sudden infant death syndrome (4/7/2011)

New research published today in the Journal of Physiology sheds light on areas of the brain thought to be the root cause of sudden infant death syndrome -- the poorly understood condition also known as "cot death." ...> Full Article

Lack of motivation, equipment main barriers for exercise for boys (4/6/2011)

Lack of motivation, equipment main barriers for exercise for boysA lack of equipment and venues - and a lack of motivation even if those were available - are the main barriers to physical activity for adolescent boys, according to recently published research from a Michigan State University nursing researcher. ...> Full Article

Mothers' hard work pays off with big brains for their babies (4/6/2011)

Brain growth in babies is linked to the amount of time and energy mothers "invest," according to new research published today. ...> Full Article

'Junk food' moms have 'junk food' babies (4/5/2011)

A new research report published online in the FASEB Journal suggests that pregnant mothers who eat high sugar and high fat diets have babies who are likely to become junk food junkies themselves. According to the report, which used rats, this happens because the high fat and high sugar diet leads to changes in the fetal brain's reward pathway, altering food preferences. ...> Full Article

Regular breakfast helps reduce lead poisoning in children (4/5/2011)

It is known that fasting increases lead absorption in adults and consequently regular meals and snacks are recommended for children to prevent lead poisoning. New research published in BioMed Central's open access journal Environmental Health demonstrates that having a regular breakfast is associated with lower blood lead levels in children. ...> Full Article

Study finds weight training safe for pregnant women (4/4/2011)

Despite decades of doctors' reluctance to recommend weight training to pregnant women, a new University of Georgia study has found that a supervised, low-to-moderate intensity program is safe and beneficial. ...> Full Article

Pre-conception and early pregnancy iron deficiency harms brain (4/3/2011)

A mother's iron deficiency early in pregnancy may have a profound and long-lasting effect on the brain development of the child, even if the lack of iron is not enough to cause severe anemia, according to a University of Rochester Medical Center study published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE. ...> Full Article

Teenagers, parents and teachers unaware of social networking risks (4/2/2011)

A report into the legal risks associated with the use of social networking sites (eg. Facebook, myspace) has found that while 95 percent of Victorian students in years 7 to 10 use social networking sites, nearly 30 percent did not consider social networking held any risks. ...> Full Article

Today's children do engage in active play (4/1/2011)

New research from the University of Bristol's Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences suggests that promoting active play in children's leisure time could increase the physical activity of today's children, but that such strategies might need to be tailored according to gender. ...> Full Article

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Full-day preschool linked with increased school readiness compared with part-day

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